Your Veins

We all know that having pain or discomfort, on any level can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable. And vein pain is no different.

Veins that cause leg pain, swelling, recurrent superficial blood clots, bleeding, or ulceration are prime candidates for the latest and minimally invasive treatments.

Veins that cause other symptoms, such as aching, heaviness, and fatigue, or that are cosmetically unappealing, may also benefit from treatment.

Generally, there are 2 major treatment options: conservative measures, such as compression stockings and herbal preparations; and corrective measures, such as endovenous thermal ablation, chemical ablation, surgery, sclerotherapy, and light source/laser treatment. In many cases, a combination of treatment methods works best.

At Chicago Vein Care Center, we serve to provide you with the best level of care, whatever your vein care condition.