10 Things A Chicago Vein Specialist Wants You To Know About Veins

You probably remember from grade school biology classes that veins are the part of the circulatory system that carry blood back toward the heart. They work with other blood vessels such as arteries and capillaries to circulate oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. But there are other … [Read more...]

Ask a Chicago Vein Expert: Do Spider Vein Treatments Work For Veins In The Arms?

Although we talk about them together much of the time, varicose veins and spider veins have some differences. Whereas varicose veins present as large and ropelike mostly on the legs and ankles, spider veins tend to be smaller veins and capillaries close to the skin surface. These cosmetic blemishes … [Read more...]

Chicago Vascular Doctor Reveals the Link Between Vein Disease and Stroke

Although most people relate vein disease to varicose veins on the calves or thighs or swollen legs and ankles, there are other more sinister problems that can arise in other areas of your body. According to Dr. Ramon Castro, our Chicago vascular doctor, there is a link between vein disease and … [Read more...]

How to Treat Swollen Legs & Ankles Before Turning to Vein Laser Surgery

These treatments are ideal for soothing the discomfort and reducing the swelling caused by problem veins. Many times, at home treatments are all the treatment anyone needs. But sometimes problem veins progress beyond the help of self-treatment and demand medical attention. That is when the Dr. Ramon … [Read more...]

The Only Resource For Vein Disease Treatment Chicago Residents Will Ever Need

Unlike people, not all vein disease treatments are created equal. Some procedures work better for certain conditions, while other conditions do not require medical intervention at all. There is a lot to consider when it comes to maintaining healthy veins and treating problem veins. Luckily, Dr. … [Read more...]

A Chicago, IL Vein Doctor Discusses Causes and Treatment of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins and spider veins are normal veins that have expanded due to increased venous pressure. Sometimes, people with varicose veins and spider veins complain only about their unpleasant appearance. At other times, varicose veins can cause swelling of the ankles and feet, pain or aching in … [Read more...]