Researching Chicago Vein Treatment Centers: What to Look For When Seeking Care

Those unsightly varicose and spider veins on your legs and ankles are likely a side effect of vein disease, a disease that affects about half of all men and women in the United States. Just because they’re common doesn’t make them any less bothersome. Whether your goal is to look or feel better (or … [Read more...]

Why You’ll Be So Glad You Sought Treatment From a Chicago Vascular Doctor

There’s a huge stigma to getting varicose vein treatment in Chicago. Most people view getting rid of varicose veins as a luxury. In reality, eliminating varicose veins is so much more than a cosmetic treatment. Read on to learn why you’ll be so glad you sought treatment from a Chicago vascular … [Read more...]

Help Me, Chicago Vein Specialist! What Do I Do When Compression Stockings Don’t Work?

Many people feel almost immediately better when they start to wear compression stockings, but it can take up to several weeks for them to bring any noticeable effects in many cases. It’s also important to wear properly fitting compression stockings that compress most at your ankle and graduate to … [Read more...]

A Chicago Vein Expert on Protecting Yourself by Knowing the Symptoms of DVT

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is the formation of a blood clot in the deep veins of the legs that is caused by poor circulation. People who develop DVT and do not go to a Chicago vein expert for treatment are at risk of developing a serious complication called pulmonary embolism. This condition results … [Read more...]

Why Your Lifestyle Could End Without a Chicago Vein Treatment Center

Vein disease is quite the common condition among men and women in the United States. According to Chicago vein specialists, as much as 50% of adults over age 50 suffer from problem veins. Venous conditions are not always a health concern, but they can become bothersome and even debilitating if not … [Read more...]

How The Best Vein Doctors In Chicago Can Keep You Out Of Trouble

Are you eating the right foods? Did you forget Bob’s birthday? Need to pick up the kids from practice on time? In a world chock full of worries, why add vein disease to the list? A quick trip to a vein doctor may be all it takes to keep you out of trouble and worry free when it comes to having … [Read more...]