10 Things A Chicago Vein Specialist Wants You To Know About Veins

You probably remember from grade school biology classes that veins are the part of the circulatory system that carry blood back toward the heart. They work with other blood vessels such as arteries and capillaries to circulate oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. But there are other … [Read more...]

Ask a Chicago Vein Expert: Do Spider Vein Treatments Work For Veins In The Arms?

Although we talk about them together much of the time, varicose veins and spider veins have some differences. Whereas varicose veins present as large and ropelike mostly on the legs and ankles, spider veins tend to be smaller veins and capillaries close to the skin surface. These cosmetic blemishes … [Read more...]

Active senior expo of Niles Illinois.

Thankful for the opportunity to offer our services to the community! Active Senior Expo brings a vast array of products and services designed for seniors under one roof, right in their own neighborhood. Silver Star Expositions, the producer of Active Senior Expo, has held over 70 events to date … [Read more...]

The Best Varicose Vein Treatment in Chicago for Guys

Traditionally, varicose veins have been the bane of older women. But vein care specialists in Chicago say the problem is just as common in men. In fact, as many as 45 percent of people affected by varicose veins are male. The only difference is that men are less likely to seek help. Read on to learn … [Read more...]

Can Varicose Vein Treatment In Chicago Help With Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless Legs Syndrome, or RLS, is a condition in which sufferers are burdened by an uncontrollable urge to move their legs. Common symptoms of RLS can include itching, burning, and tingling in the legs. This disorder is usually worse when lying down at night and is often comforted by moving around … [Read more...]

Chicago Vein Expert: Will My Varicose Veins Go Away if I Lose Weight?

Congratulations on losing weight (or deciding to lose weight) and taking a giant leap forward in your health and wellness goals. There are many physical changes that happen in your body when you lose weight besides just the weight reduction, says Dr. Ramon Castro, a noted Chicago vein expert.  You … [Read more...]